Europe Endless A European Playlist. Ample Play Records.

Back in June before the European Referendum, we published this playlist on our Facebook page, saying “EU citizens: they are on your building sites, they pick your fruit, they are your new sister-in-law or your hairdresser, people seem to like bashing them these days – to celebrate their contribution to the UK here’s a little playlist for you: UK bands with members from other EU countries and European bands we like.” Even more needed now. Includes The Hanging Stars, The Raincoats, Stereolab, The Microgirls, Robert Rotifer, Soko, Whyte Horses, Bed Rugs, Savages and more.

Easy Playsure Playlist

easy playsure playlist

Sarah Vaughan ‘Gingerbread Man’
Cornershop ‘Born Disco; Died Heavy Metal (Version)’
Johnny Harris ‘Stepping Stones’
Henry Mancini & His Orchestra ‘Champagne & Quail’
Trevor Brown & The Maytones ‘Have You Time’
Johnny Harris ‘Paint It Black’
Cornershop ‘The New York Minute’
Sudden Death of Stars ‘Bright Sunday’
The Mike Flowers Pop ‘Light My Fire’
Cornershop ‘Good To Be Back On The Road Home Again’
Michel Magne ‘Une DS Dans Le Ciel’
Os Mutantes ‘Hey Boy’
Las Trilizas De Oro ‘Pochoclo’
Enoch Light & The Light Brigade ‘In The Mood’

A Springtime PLAYlist

Springtime playlist small image

Selected for you by Tjinder & Ben, the audio equivalent of green shoots, rays of sunshine & pink blossoms. Some punjabi folk, 60’s garage, contemporary psych with The Smoking Trees & Sudden Death of Stars, some Ween, Alabama Shakes, Gap Dream, Jonathan Richman and more.