International Front Covers


As well as collecting records, I have slowly developed an interest in books. I generally go for old books, mostly factual, with a view to see what the writers opinions were at the time of writing, against how things panned out in reality. Of the Fontana book shown in the picture written by Martin Walker, there is amongst many other tit bits this paragraph, which shows history in the repeating:

Pg 220

“The responsibility for ending racism in general, and stopping the NF in particular, now seems to rest with the Labour Movement. For it’s own sake, it will have to end the erosion of its once core support in deprived urban areas, and the evidence suggests that it will increasingly have to challenge the NF for that support. This will mean, almost wholly, relying upon the weakest of three elements of the

Labour movement, the constituency Labour parties. The other two, the trade unions and the Parliamentary Labour Party, will have their own tasks through organising in the workplace and passing legislation. But in fighting racism in the communities where people live, the burden is upon the CLPs and upon Labour councils. They seem, in 1976,

to be ill-equiped to carry it.”

If you have an interest in items like records and books or car manuals etc., that you can pick up & smell, which may from time to time be used as a handy weapon, please share it with us. This blog space has not been well promoted as we think best how to push it, but one day it will of course be bigger than the Imperial Google Library at Queens.