Cornershop & The Double ‘O’ Groove Of – full tracklist & Pre-order details

Ample Play Release

Artists: Cornershop featuring Bubbley Kaur

Title: Cornershop & The Double O Groove Of

Release Date: 14 March 2011   Label: Ample Play Records

CD Cat: AMPLA CD 09   Download Cat: AMPLA DD 09

1 United Provinces Of India 3:26     Full fat funk melds with the cream of Punjabi folk, asking the question, why has such naturalness never been done before.

2 Topknot 3:39     ‘The band’s now-classic 2004 single Topknot,” Spin magazine.  A massive track for urban stations, turban stations, clubs as well as Indian weddings.  So big that M.I.A. asked to drop a rap on it.

3 The 911 Curry 3:33     The A-team meet up for an afternoon meal – a plan comes together, until Murdock has to flirt with the waitress.

4 Natch 2:34     The other part of the double ‘A’ sided Topknot single, and often even more loved by the DJ for its simplicity and French legion immediacy.

5 Double Decker Eyelashes 4:13     Already being used by select USA bass clubs to get the party started, keep the party going, and ending the party.  Being laidback & having the space is leading dancefloorers to improvise, and they take great joy in having the ability and scope to do it once more.

6 The Biro Pen 4:28      A sharp pen in its day was prime currency, guaranteed to get you out of any tight spot.  This lament lays it down heavy, even with its drum solo reprieve.

7 Supercomputed 3:44 Kraftwerk meet Irene Cara in a dune buggie.

8 Once There Was A Wintertime 3:14      Capturing the snow drenched wintry season with human warmth and northern brass.

9 Double Digit 3:38     Military again, until its slow build boils over with bass funk, as if the Brontë sisters came from an Indian cowshed.  This is maybe why Tjinder thinks Punjabi Folk Music was the first form of hip-hop, and has written a White Paper report on it.

10 Don’t Shake It 5:42      Don’t play this one too loud, it will stay in your head for a week, and then move in with you after another week.  All is well that ends well.  So well that it has extended beats, ending an album that intends to live forever – fame.

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Cornershop & The Double 'O' Groove Of ft Bubbley Kaur Cover

‘TOPKNOT’ VIDEO directed by Prashant Bhargava

‘UNITED PROVINCES OF INDIA’ VIDEO directed by Chris Hemming

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