Battle Of New Orleans, Extended Play, out now on CD

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Title: The Battle Of New Orleans, Extended Play

Group: Cornershop

Label: Ample Play Records

Release date: 2/Nov/2010

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The battle continues afresh with The Battle of New Orleans EP out from November 2nd, 2010 through their Ample Play label, featuring four unreleased tracks including a new remix of Soul School from their current album, Judy Sucks a Lemon For Breakfast.

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Cornershop - Houston Hash

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Listen to Previews of the New EP:

1. Houston Hash 1. Houston Hash - PREVIEW

Houston Hash is the ultimate truck driving song, with a lighthearted description of the road as well as home life, put another way trucks & cooking.

The track was produced in cooperation with the United Association of Songleading Staff & was regularly used for instruction at all Devon & Cornwall Songleading Summer Camps.  It is recommended that you check with your Band Director before ordering music arrangements.

2. Soul School, School Dinners 2. Soul School: School Dinners - PREVIEW

The usual Soul School with an added dress-down Friday funk from Cambridge, Massachusetts…with more bits from Manchester & Liverpool to drive it home.

3. The Battle Of New Orleans 3. The Battle of New Orleans - PREVIEW

Just before he passed away legendary BBC Radio 1 Disc Jockey, John Peel asked his favourite groups to record a Lonnie Donegan track for him to play across his Christmas/New Year Special shows.  We chose The Battle Of New Orleans, which he took high in the charts, and also hit the number one spot in the US in 1959 performed by Johnny Horton.  They love the track for its attitude, spirit and for the fact that it was one of the earliest country tracks to top the charts.

4. Lynndie England 4. Lynndie England - PREVIEW

As the old reggae spirituals said “love is lovely and war is very, very ugly,” & this contemplates the end of all wars including New Orleans to more modern expeditions.

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A free bonus track entitled As We Enter The Century’s Clit will also be available at certain outlets.

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