Sleeveface Collection

Just a few sleevefaces from my vinyl collection

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The whole family takes part, including the wire fox terrier.

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The new Daft Punk Helmet

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One cheeky Lenny Bruce. #lennybruce #nyc #book #comedian #system #hardback #read

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The Action Records Story

Just been sent this link to a short film about Action Records, Preston Lancashire. Me and Ben studied in Preston, and met in the doorway of a Preston Polytechnic house we were about to share for our first year. That was 227 Garstang Road. As we ventured in to Preston, it was quite easy to spot many pubs, (and everyone of them a winner), and one independent record shop – Action Records, and our world for a few years was cemented. Action was where you went for the latest releases and where you could fill in the gaps of years in between, especially in the 70’s reggae arena as I remember. The shop was owned and run by Gordon chiefly assisted by Alan, both were formidable characters that took no shit, but once you knew them they were like music professors that the Polytechnic were not brave enough to keep on their staff.

This short film touches on the shop’s history and how it came to be, and still is part of Preston’s backbone. We are very happy about it because it also includes other friends and luminaries such as:

Marcus Parnell our first manager, singer songwriter of the legendary Dandelion Adventure, and no holds barred superstar.

Nick Brown of the Membranes, Clawfist Records Label, and Intoxica Records Shop owner, who was about the only person in London to reply to our demos, not only to encourage us as a group starting out, but setting out the blueprint to develop.

David Chambers, a Local Preston fanzine writer who took it upon himself to play drums in the early years of Cornershop because he was more into us than we were – I also DJ’d with David for a few years, and that brings us to the Star of the Show, Action Records. Time is tight, please pass it on.

The Action Records Story: Chased by Nuns from Levy Park Productions on Vimeo.

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Easy Playsure Playlist

easy playsure playlist

Sarah Vaughan ‘Gingerbread Man’
Cornershop ‘Born Disco; Died Heavy Metal (Version)’
Johnny Harris ‘Stepping Stones’
Henry Mancini & His Orchestra ‘Champagne & Quail’
Trevor Brown & The Maytones ‘Have You Time’
Johnny Harris ‘Paint It Black’
Cornershop ‘The New York Minute’
Sudden Death of Stars ‘Bright Sunday’
The Mike Flowers Pop ‘Light My Fire’
Cornershop ‘Good To Be Back On The Road Home Again’
Michel Magne ‘Une DS Dans Le Ciel’
Os Mutantes ‘Hey Boy’
Las Trilizas De Oro ‘Pochoclo’
Enoch Light & The Light Brigade ‘In The Mood’

They said it couldn’t be done.

We are pleased to release something a little different, for all ages – a Read Along 7″ Vinyl Book, based on the Cornershop song answering the important question:

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 21.38.08

“They said it couldn’t be done, that the book industry was as difficult as the music industry, that the children’s section of the book industry was actually the most aggressive of the book genres – to do an illustrated book with a vinyl record was folly, that we would fall off the edge of the world.

Well, we nearly did…until we decided to do it on the principles of E.F. Schumacher’s ‘Small Is Beautiful’ utilizing our trusted art designer Nick Edwards, local east end printing, our brilliant vinyl manufacturing team, and ample play headquarter staff, bypassing book distribution and doing as much by ourselves – the outcome, a limited edition of 1000 hand crafted unique books, chiseled by our record company staff and lovingly presented to you in 7” glory, and classic 45rpm.”
Tjinder Singh

Renowned sleeve artist and illustrator Nick Edwards (4AD, XL) went partying with Tjinder’s quirky lyrics & together they have created a wonderful world of mountains, spacecraft, dragons, Kurt Vonnegut…needless to say this is not your everyday journey.

Give it to children, give to adults, keep one for yourself – everyone needs the happiness of the hippie in their life.  Original, Colourful, Educational, Singh-alongable, Memorable, Funkyful, and of course Collectible.

“Such a great idea & a lovely record” Peter Paphedis

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Order your copy via our Ample Play Records shop

Each book costs £10, £8 when you order 3 or more.

The Brimful of Asha Cocktail recipe


Cornershop Brimful of Asha Cocktail - designed by Helen Rawlinson

4 Parts Gin
1 Part Pomegranate Juice
1 Part Vanilla Syrup
1 Part Ginger Beer
5 Pieces Mint Leaf
1 Piece Passionfruit
1 Piece Lime
How to mix this cocktail : Muddle passionfruit, pomegranate juice, vanilla syrup, mint leaf and lime in a chilled highball glass. Fill with crushed ice. Add gin. Stir. Top up with ginger beer.

Illustration by Helen Rawlinson

Download your PDF poster recipe here:  Cornershop – Brimful of Asha Cocktail – designed by Helen Rawlinson

A Springtime PLAYlist

Springtime playlist small image

Selected for you by Tjinder & Ben, the audio equivalent of green shoots, rays of sunshine & pink blossoms. Some punjabi folk, 60’s garage, contemporary psych with The Smoking Trees & Sudden Death of Stars, some Ween, Alabama Shakes, Gap Dream, Jonathan Richman and more.

Cornershop Video Showcase at Cine East & Winterwell Festival Headline 1 July 2012


We have been invited to part in Cine East on 1 July 2012. All our videos from the last year, as well as the artists we are releasing through our label Ample Play, will be shown on a on a big screen at a location in the East End of London.

A longer programme with all the videos from the last three albums will be shown at a location to be confirmed.  Please email us at info (at) for for exact screening times & locations.

CINE-EAST: 1000 films, 100 venues, 1 celebratory day of completely free cinema.

With films for young and old from every corner of the globe, join us as we blanket every cinema, bar, cafe, nook and cranny of london’s East End with documentaries, dramas, animations, live music, talks, film clubs, competitions…. In fact all things film and all this free.


A chance to see ‘What Did the Hippie Have in his Bag?’ performed live. An eclectic range of music, good people and fancy dress is what this festival has always been about, since starting in 2007. Winterwell offers a truly intimate party experience, attracting a discerning and sophisticated crowd of people who prefer ‘glamping’ to camping.  With only 1500 guests there is no danger of losing your friends, tent or sanity as is often the case at larger, more chaotic festivals, and the certainty of spending a weekend with like-minded people.

WHERE: Heart of the Cotswolds, a few miles from Cirencester

Headlining Sunday 1 July – WEBSITE:

The Sufis LP by The SUFIS

The Sufis longplaying vinyl album by The SUFIS Reviewed By The Active Listener

“Simply put, The Sufi’s self titled debut is so brilliant that I’m fairly certain that I can’t formulate the words to do it justice. I will however give it a go.

Much like fellow Tennessee The Paperhead, the Sufis have an obvious fascination with the English music scene of the mid to late sixties.

Where the Paperhead evoke the sounds of more cult figures like July and the Idle Race, the Sufis seem to have set their sights much higher, and come across like a cross between the Beatles at their most mustachioed and Pink Floyd circa Arnold Layne.

Evocative, but never derivative, they channel their influences into concise and adventurous psychedelic pop tunes, the majority of which could have been hits in 1967 and with a little luck might be now.

Tjinder Singh from Cornershop spotted their promise right away and signed them to his Ample Play label, who are responsible for this attractive vinyl release.

“Sri Sai Flora”  is the track which has been serviced to media first, and is a good indicator of what to expect from their full length ; supple McCartneyesque basswork, drums which sound like they’re struggling to catch up ala Ringo and dreamy harmonized vocals with a melody to kill for.

Elsewhere there’s plenty of trippy Rick Wright style organ work, vocals run through oscilators and all manner of vintage sounding studio trickery – all married to perfect lysergic pop tunes, with the odd instrumental freakout thrown in for good measure.

Splendid stuff, and essential for those with a love of that innocent U.K sound that the Americans only now seem to be coming to grips with.”