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The Singhles Club & brand new Cornershop track

THE SINGHLES CLUB: would you like a new Cornershop song in your inbox from time to time?

Tjinder Singh has produced unreleased tracks, which will be coming out as one-sided releases called The Singhles Club, and at the same time freeing up the hard disk of Mr. Singh’s headspace.

Most are collaborations with friends & foes alike, helping bridge a gap between the variety of the Cornershop back catalogue and its biblical passages.

A total of 6 Songs will be individually available at a pace of about one a month as part of the The Singhles Club subscription, which is simply £6 for 6 tracks via cornershop.com (and each track will come with a very special printable artwork & digital popadom*), each delivered to your inbox.

So in summary: Subscribe to The Singhles Club for £6 here & you get the 6 tracks and some exclusive printable artwork.

Please Subscribe here

The opening track for The Singhles Club is: Non-Stop Radio by Cornershop featuring Celeste is – electro, combining upbeat vocals with enough tweets criss-crossing bleeps to make it work a dancefloor, as heard on French retail shopfloors, supported by fresh styled video graphics (Rocket Science Lab, Bangalore).  The track comes with artwork of a printable cut out character.

(* is merely for whimsical effect – at the time of writing there was no such thing)

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